A family owned business Prive Moulding Design has been serving custom home builders and private residences for over 20 years. Prive Mouldings Design were often the forgotten child within a home, about-imgtaking a backseat to hardwood floors, kitchen cabinets, and ceramic tiles, but yet, these beautiful details that are characterized in the various styles offered be it English, Colonial, French, Gothic, Roman, can suddenly transform an ordinary room into something old world, elegant or bring out its grandeur with a simple touch of splendor, “The aesthetic and character of a home is enhanced and adorned through the accents of trimmings and crown cornices dressed upon it.

Quite often the customer has no idea what they desire, but our sales staff will work with the client to design and create a beautiful space within their home.

Clients can also find comfort in our no-charge consultation service offered by our in-house Interior Designers. This is part of the package, and is a great incentive for many clients who are eager but perhaps indecisive when selecting the appropriate style or architectural detail when it comes to their own home.

Prive Moulding Design caters to custom home builders, condominiums, banquet facilities, hotels, restaurants and private residences.

We only use USG NO.1 moulding plaster; this is by-far the material of choice for Prive Mouldings Design.

Prive Moulding Design is still providing plaster mouldings to most of our first client dated back to 1988. With Prive Mouldings Design quality and service is guaranteed.

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